Terms of Service / Sale

The use of this site gives the user condition and expresses its full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the conditions prevailing.

PRICE The price of the book is written in euros, VAT: 4% is included.
Detail information about the books may be found on the website. All books have been checked and complete, the buyer will be informed otherwise. If the buyer needs any other information should contact the bookstore by email or phone.
The bookstore will attend the order as soon as possible. If the order has been placed during the weekend, the bookstore will attend the order on Monday. The same applies for bank holidays. During August, the bookstore will be closed, but we will contact the buyer as soon as possible to inform him when the delivery date will take place. If for any reason, the book became unavailable, we will notify the buyer immediately and we will proceed to refund the payment if the order was purchased by credit card.
We offer payment by:
- Credit card/Debit card, Visa, Mastercard, 4B, etc.
- COD: this payment form is only applicable in Spain. The shipment cost will be increased by 2€.
- Bank transfer: any incurred fee for the transfer payment will be charged to the buyer.
The shipment fees will be always charged to the buyer’s account and they will be calculated according to the weight and size of the books. Shipments to Spain and Portugal: Shipments to Spain and Portugal will be sent by MRW. MRW doesn’t delivery to PO boxes directly. If the buyer wishes the delivery by mail, before placing the order should contact the bookstore in order to arrange the shipment fees. Shipments abroad: They are usually sent by mail or certified mail. If the buyer requires any other way must contact the bookstore in order to arrange the shipment fees.
If the buyer wants to cancel an order must contact the bookstore by e-mail or by phone (+34 91-435-78-76).
If the buyer doesn’t receive the order by the delivery window agreed must contact the bookstore to claim the order. If for any reason, the delivery Company returns the parcel to us, the bookstore will contact you immediately. If the buyer is still interested on the order, he must pay the shipment fee.
The product purchases may be returned within one week from the purchase delivery date and the book must have the same conditions as it was sent. Once the book is received, we will check the status and we will proceed to refund the whole amount. The shipment fee will be charged to the buyer.
If the buyer receives a different book, we will proceed to collect it and deliver the book required by the buyer at no additional cost.